3D Electron Microscopy Of Molecular Assemblies
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Technology development: Correlative microscopy for single particle imaging

We are constantly developing new tools and techniques to overcome the many challenges and to enhance the capability of cryo-EM. One of the current NIH funded projects focuses on cryo-FIB processing of vitreous biological specimen to reduce the sample thickness, thus permitting cryo-EM study of many key biological systems, such as mammalian cells, plant cells, yeasts and tissues. In addition, we are also developing methods for nanoscale single molecule localization in 3D cellular tomograms, including a novel GFP-equivalent genetically taggable EM probe for 3D localization and super resolution microscopy for nanoscale localization of fluorescent labeled proteins in the ultrastructure. Biosynthetic attachable tags that are detectable by both fluorescence microscopy as well as by cryo-EM are most desirable. One powerful outcome made possible by such labels is the potential for correlative imaging of dynamic living cells with fluorescence light microscopy, interfaced with high resolution snapshots provided by cryo-electron tomography.

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